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Ibiza has some of the most magnificent beaches in the Mediterranean. Most people think of Ibiza as a party island. Well, if you take the time to drive around the island, you will discover some excellent and almost deserted beaches.


Most of the quieter beaches can be found in the north of the island. Try visiting  Xarracca , Rencli de S'illot or Xuclar. When I visited these beaches at the beginning of the season there were only one or two people on them. Have a look at the Xarracca pictures and you will see what I mean.

Cala Vadella (near Es Vedra ) is a really nice bay, it's closed off from the sea, so if you can't handle heat keep away from here. The water is completely calm and crystal clear, ideal for snorkelling or diving. You can hire jet skis, pedaloes, relax and have a massage or go for a snack or meal at one of the excellent restaurants. Sundays here is particularly busy and parking can be a problem, but worth the effort. If you are a strong swimmer, it is possible to swim to Es Vedra

If you don't have access to a car and are in San Antonio, go down to the marina and take boats to Cala Bassa or Cala Conta , both of these beaches are excellent for families, as the water is very shallow for a long way out and is usually very calm. Cala Conta is the better of the two, but the boats do not go there on Sundays.

San Antonios' beaches are not really up to much, thought they were rebuilt earlier in the season, but if you don't have time to go anywhere else, they will do. Try get a space in front of Itaca, next door to Bar M and when the sun goes down, you can pop in for a meal. The prices are very good and their standards are very high. You can get two meals including a drink for under 15€ / £10.

Cala Salada is very popular with locals on Sundays and the restaurant here is usually busy, it's not the least expensive, but again, the standard is very good.



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